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Episode 01-09 Caskets & Cremation Vessels

Episode #01-09 (July 28, 2017)
Caskets & Cremation Vessels. In this episode of the Funeral Fact Podcast, host Jeff Kasper interviews Ed Cox, Funeral Service Consultant for Matthews Aurora Funeral Solutions in Aurora Indiana, USA. Topics include: What's the difference between caskets? Do I need to buy one? Is one casket better than another? How much do caskets cost? What about Cremation Urns? What choices do I have? Should I buy a casket from a funeral home or a large retailer? Can I purchase a customized casket or urn? Can I pick out a casket in advance of my need? And much more!

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Jeff Kasper

Guest Info:
Ed Cox
, Funeral Service Consultant
Matthews Aurora Funeral Solutions