Editorial Policy

Our purpose is not to advocate or endorse one position over another, but rather to present facts and let you, the listener decide. We try to ask the questions that you would want the answers to. We may ask a guest to further explain their answers, but we do not challenge a guest on their specific belief system or customs.

From time-to-time, interviews may be edited for content and length purposes. The opinions and statements expressed by the guests are not necessarily those of the Funeral Fact Podcast, Kasper Media, or the host.

Kasper Media does not accept payment of any kind, nor does it compensate guests for their appearance. However, as is customary in the broadcasting industry, the Funeral Fact Podcast does receive advance complimentary copies of books and other materials from their author in preparation for the episodes.

The paid sponsor messages you hear on the program are paid endorsements. (And we really do think they are swell!)

Any revenues generated from this website and broadcast are for the benefit of Kasper Media and help us continue our programming.

The Funeral Fact Podcast is a service of Kasper Media and is copyrighted with all rights reserved.

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