Episode 01-11 Public Morturary College Options

Episode #01-11
Mortuary College - Public Options In a previous episode, we focused on a private mortuary college. In this episode of the Funeral Fact Podcast, Jeff interviews Glenn Bower, Professor in the Mortuary Science Department for Cypress College, in Cypress CA USA. As you'll hear, there are options to furthering your education in the mortuary sciences. Topics include: What's involved? Do you earn a degree? How long is the program? Do I have to go full time? Are there night classes? Can I get a student loan to help with my tuition? Exactly what classes are required or involved to earn my degree? and many more! You will gain a full understanding of what's involved and the commitment necessary to graduate from a college of mortuary science.

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Guest Info:
Glenn Bower, Professor
Mortuary Science Department
Cypress College
9200 Valley View
Cypress, CA 90630
+1 714-484-7278

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